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On being a “Survivor”

Posted September 9, 2011, in

One group member recently reflected on words and phrases that she and many women with secondary breast cancer find unhelpful. She writes On being a “Survivor” “The other phrase I have difficulty with is “Survivor”.  I personally have never referred to myself as a “Survivor”.  If I ever feel the need to label myself or…

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Acts of Kindness

Posted April 19, 2011, in

One of the surprises in our BC journey ( and there are many good ones ), is experiencing the “random acts of kindness” that are often showered upon us when we least expect them and usually when we need them most.To think that an extremely busy, talented friend would take the time,materials etc to create…

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A Young Woman’s Perspective

Posted September 29, 2010, in

Name – Janelle Date of Birth – 19/10/1984 Journey – My first diagnosis of Breast Cancer was 1st May 08. Surgery in June, and a scan discovering mets in liver and bones in July (post op). Chemo began 1st Aug after a short radiation of pelvis to prevent any pain, although I had none. Brain…

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An Ordinary Week

Posted November 20, 2009, in


“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now.”
Joan Baez

Saturday – I was sad to find out today hair regrows at only half an inch a month so I will be wearing this grey fuzz for a while. No sympathy from one of my brothers who lives in Tassie – he is sending a tea cosy he no longer uses saying he can picture me in it and that it conveniently has two slits my ears can fit through! I’m glad I won’t have to avail myself of his suggested headwear as we are experiencing our tropical “winter” – warm dry perfect days.

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