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Living with advanced breast cancer

This is a film about the experience of living with advanced (metastatic) breast cancer.  Based on the experience of six Queensland/Australian women and their partners and families, it takes us through the shock of the initial diagnosis and the impact it had on them and their relationships, to the realisation of having to live in a new and meaningful way. It is a story of hope that shows the value of connection with other women and families, and the support gained through a professionally led group.

This resource will be of help to women newly diagnosed with advanced (metastatic) breast cancer and to health professionals involved in their care.

This film was produced by the Advanced Breast Cancer Group Limited in collaboration with blocmedia and funded by Queensland Health.

What people have said about this film:

“I would have liked to have seen something like this when I (my mother) was first diagnosed.” (woman in the group and her daughter)

“ This film should be given to all women diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.” (women in the group)

“… and to all health professionals involved in the care and treatment of women with advanced breast cancer.” (women in the group)

“There is something very life affirming about the way the film encapsulates the shared experiences and mutual support. “ (brother of woman in group)

“The common stories expressed by the women … provide hope to viewers that they can live with the disease and have quality of life.” (Reviewer for Queensland Health)

“This is real women, real families, giving an open and honest insight into how they feel and how they live, coping each day with a diagnosis of advanced (metastatic) breast cancer.” (group member/family member.

“A diagnosis of cancer is scary enough for anyone.  A diagnosis of advanced (metastatic) breast cancer is a nightmare.  There is no cure.  There is only endless treatments, tests, progressions, doctor’s visits.  Through all the hardships and pain though there is help and support.  Deep friendships are formed.  This film will show you that this journey does not have to be alone.” (group member)

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Testimonial from Jane Turner

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