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Seeking Sanctuary.

Posted January 17, 2020, in

  Leanne is a keen gardener, but due to the ravages of the drought and the fires, the care she previously gave to her roses she now gives to what she refers to as her “garden gnomes”.      Who sometimes wait at the front door for their food.             …

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Leanne and the Weengallon Pink Ladies Day

Posted November 19, 2019, in

Hello everyone, thank you Sally for your kind introduction, and thank you everyone for inviting me here today, to tell my story. Where to start ………….perhaps by painting a picture of my life pre- cancer.   I met the love of my life Michael, when I was just 16, he was my partner for the…

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Posted December 18, 2017, in

  The experience of working as a research assistant with the Advanced Breast Cancer Group was, for me, unique and unexpected. While working for the service, I was enlightened by hearing of the experiences that women have of living with a terminal diagnosis. I quickly learnt that these stories are varied, marked by thedifferent personalities,…

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Post Pink

Film Launch

Posted May 30, 2017, in

Our new film, “Post Pink, living with advanced breast cancer” was launched on 21April 2017, by The Honourable Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Transport.The Health Minister, The Honourable Cameron Dick, was there too, emphasising not only the support that this government gives to our service, but also the value that…

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Ginger and Nausea?

Posted February 12, 2017, in

“Researchers are investigating if ginger can relieve nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy… The nausea and vomiting experienced by cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy can significantly affect their appetite, nutrition and quality of life. The Bond University research project Supplemental Prophylactic Intervention for Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Emisis, or SPICE for short, aims to reduce those…

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When a Couch is More Than a Couch

Posted November 29, 2016, in

In this moving and quirky article published in the New York Times in September 2016, the author explores the implications of living with advanced, or metastatic, breast cancer, through her wish to buy just the right couch.  “an expansive bench that fits all of us. Something that will hold us through everything that lies ahead —…

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13 October – advanced breast cancer awareness day

Posted October 8, 2016, in

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month, “an annual international health campaign …. to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers information and support to those affected by breast cancer.” (wikipedia) It is symbolised by the pink…

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Getting the Diagnosis

Posted September 22, 2016, in

While this article from the New York Times, written by Julia Baird, is about getting a diagnosis of ovarian cancer rather than breast cancer, the experience she vividly describes is one that will be familiar to many women who have been diagnosed with any form of cancer.  It is a generous sharing of the process…

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We Need to Talk About Secondary Breast Cancer

Posted June 8, 2016, in

This is an article on The Huffington Post, written from the perspective of a woman with primary breast cancer, in which she says  “Somewhere along the way, I’ve realised I need to face my survivor’s guilt, sadness and the fear that I too might develop secondary breast cancer. People think that positive-thinking ‘beats’ cancer. It…

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