Workshop March 2024

Posted May 21, 2024, in

On Saturday the 16th of March 2024 saw the Advanced Breast Cancer Group hold the regular Workshop for Women, Partners, Families and Friends. The workshop was a great success, with members and families attending, although we did miss those women who weren’t able to be there this time.

Since this was Mary O’Brien’s and Pia Hirsch’s last workshop together, we thought it would be great to have one of our board members, Dr Catherine See, lead a Q&A session with them. Mary and Pia talked about their experience of establishing and managing the group for the last 25 years. A ‘From the Archives’ video and commemorative slideshow shown during the session are available to view here.

Mary and Pia were referred to as the “glue” that kept the group together. One participant shared her excitement about finding the group and expressed her gratitude for being accepted into the group. She highlighted the significant positive changes the group has brought to her life.

When talking about the group’s future, everyone agreed on the importance of keeping things the way they are. It was heart-warming to see the women in the group so passionate about preserving something that means so much to them.

The influence that Mary and Pia have had on women facing metastatic breast cancer, as well as their partners and families, is simply beyond measure. While Dr Bron Beacham started the group, the fact that they have continued this professionally led support group for the past 25 years speaks volumes to their unwavering commitment and determination. They finished off the day by expressing their desire that the group continues to provide support to women and families living with metastatic breast cancer in Queensland.

As they embark on their retirement, we wish to express our gratitude to them. And while we will miss them, we wish them the very best.

ABCG “From the Archives”

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