New research paper highlights effectiveness of professionally led support groups for people living with metastatic cancer

Posted January 29, 2024, in

A recent study conducted by Dr Andrea Smith and colleagues published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship has revealed that professionally led support groups for individuals with advanced or metastatic cancer are effective in reducing mood disturbances, distress and pain amongst patients. Successful implementation depends on factors such as leadership expertise, operational methods and resource allocation. Pia Hirsch and Mary O’Brien from the Advanced Breast Cancer Group contributed to this research, through the inclusion of their study of effectiveness of the ABCG and drawing from their own experience of running a professionally led support group for the past twenty-four years.

The complete paper can be found here.

We congratulate Dr Andrea Smith and all the contributors for shedding light on an often overlooked aspect of cancer care and highlighting how professionally led support groups could fill an important gap in supportive care for people living with metastatic or advanced cancer.