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Workshop May 2015

Posted July 15, 2015, in

On Saturday 23 May 2015 saw Advanced Breast Cancer Group hold the regular Workshop for Women, Partners, Families and Friends. The workshop was a great success with many members and their family attending. The workshop included Dr David Wilkinson discussing the role of food in cancer, referring to his book “Can Food be Medicine for…

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Psychosocial support in breast cancer

Posted March 27, 2015, in

A recent commentary by eminent researchers Lesley Fallowfield and Valerie Jenkins from the UK note that improvement in breast cancer treatments and outcomes “have not led to similar benefits  in the psychosocial, functional and sexual-well being of women.” They note there has been far less research in metastatic breast cancer compared to early disease, which…

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Thank you Galeforce Running Group

Posted February 25, 2015, in

The Gale Force Running Group Santa Run saw many runners/ walkers/ friends and furry friends of the Squad gather at the Regatta for a 12 k run through Southbank as a Christmas gathering. We would like to thank GaleForce Running Squad for their generous donation from this run, to the Advanced Breast Cancer Group.

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Thank you to Pure Hospitality

Posted December 2, 2014, in

Staff and Members of the Advanced Breast Cancer Group would like to thank Pure Hospitality for kindly donating their services for the recent October 2014 Get Together and Workshop. The event was a great success and the quality lunch and snacks provided by Pure Hospitality definitely contributed to all attendees having a wonderful day. Pure…

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Effectiveness of Supportive Expressive Group Therapy (SEGT) for women with metastatic breast cancer

Posted November 18, 2014, in

Our effectiveness study ‘Supportive-expressive group therapy for women with metastatic breast cancer: Improving Access for Australian women through use of teleconference’  published in Counselling and Psychotherapy Research in 2008 is cited in Bergen and Garfield’s Handbook of Psychotherapy and Behaviour Change, 6th Ed. (2013). It is one of 23 international studies cited investigating the efficacy and…

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Workshop October 2014

Posted October 28, 2014, in

On Saturday 12 October 2014 saw Advanced Breast Cancer Group hold the regular Workshop for Women, Partners, Families and Friends. The workshop was a great success with many members and their family attending. The workshop included Dr Vikram Jain answering questions on advanced breast cancer Professor Alexandra McCarthy answering questions and addressing issues about general well-being, diet…

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Lyn – A conversation

Posted August 5, 2014, in

21-9-03 Conversation #1 “I have a really bad back” I say, staring past the young lady Doctor I have chosen because she has the same name as my best friend. I have to take a deep breath because there is no point in coming here unless I screw up my courage to add “and I…

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A Brand New Day

Posted August 5, 2014, in

The dawning of a brand new day as out of bed I climb. I’ve found since I got breast cancer, I’m pretty short of time.I’d love to accept invites, but my friends don’t have a clue I’m just so bloody busy with the things I have to do. First task I’m in the kitchen with…

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Thoughts from the group – On being positive

Posted July 16, 2014, in

Many women in the group express frustration at being told to be positive, as it implies there is no place for feelings of sadness, anger or fear. Within the group women are are encouraged to express whatever they may be feeling and are supported to do so. For many, the group is one of the…

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Brighid Maxwell’s piece on Mamamia

Posted May 1, 2014, in

During our endeavour in 2014 to persuade the Newman government to reverse its decision to cut the funding for our service, Advanced Breast Cancer Group member Brighid Maxwell’s  had her story published on the website Mamamia. Mamamia is a very popular Australia website covering a wide range of topics from pop culture to politics, body…

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