Workshop May 2015

Posted July 15, 2015, in

On Saturday 23 May 2015 saw Advanced Breast Cancer Group hold the regular Workshop for Women, Partners, Families and Friends. The workshop was a great success with many members and their family attending.

The workshop included Dr David Wilkinson discussing the role of food in cancer, referring to his book “Can Food be Medicine for Cancer?”. This was a great segment of the workshop and it allowed members to ask many questions about cancer and it’s links with diet.

The day also included A group discussion, led by Pia, Mary and Tom, focused on improving communication and connections with family and friends.

The afternoon saw Bernard Houston and Mircha Mangiacotti conduct a creative session to finish the day. This session involved a game of Trivia which was a great way to get all the members interacting and having some fun.

Thank you to all those who attended and were involved in the organisation of such a great workshop.