A Brand New Day

Posted August 5, 2014, in

The dawning of a brand new day as out of bed I climb.
I’ve found since I got breast cancer, I’m pretty short of time.I’d love to accept invites, but my friends don’t have a clue

I’m just so bloody busy with the things I have to do.
First task I’m in the kitchen with my “new best friend” the juicer
I can feel myself get better (I can feel my bowels get looser)

All organic beets and oranges, five kilograms a day

Without a frown I slurp it down and then I’m on my way

Monday is lymphatic drainage, with a deep massage to follow
Then I touch base with my naturopath for hints on what to swallow
On Tuesdays I have counselling then full 3 hours of reiki

A phone in with some ladies leaves my schedule somewhat shaky

I don’t eat chook or dairy, anything that had a “Mum”

But once a week a man comes round, sticks hoses up my bum.

I meditate 3 hours a day in candle lit seclusion

It’s not so hard to find the time, that’s just a false elusion.

Twice monthly I’m rebirthing, the feeling’s so unreal.
My Mum (who doesn’t understand) says her stitches never heal.
You’ll find me on a Friday with a group so dear and kind

And we tweeze out old forgotten hurts round campfires in our mind.

I don’t drink tea or coffee, alcohol never a drop.

I’ll list the things I eat and drink. Fruit, vegetables full stop.

It’s a very hectic schedule and for wellness that’s the fee.
But if you smell burning martyr, well OK, I guess it’s me.
Deep in my dreams I lunch with friends and time does not construe.

I order steak and chips and gin and 20 Winfield blue.