Creative Expressions

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

A Collection of Artistry by Women in the Group

This collection reflects some of the large range of people’s responses to the diagnosis of advanced breast cancer. These are examples of strategies to deal with the sadness, loss, anger, rage, grief, and fear that are a result of the invasive, violent and intrusive nature, not only of the illness, but also of some of the treatment of the illness.

Sometimes these responses can be raw and confronting, and can cover a powerful range of emotions. However they can be helpful and creative ways of trying to express what people are feeling, and may enable people to think about and understand their experiences, while connecting with others around them.

This collection also reflects the realisation that life is precious, and the wish to embrace it in a myriad different ways.





On the 10th anniversary of Advanced Breast Cancer Group, and as a tribute to Dr David Spiegel (Stanford University, USA) who believes no matter what the challenge, the human heart of endurance has the resource of previously unchartered depths.

I hear voices of kick-arse women determined to disprove endurance limits;

I hear of  visualising pacmen/chemomen eating cancer cells;

I hear stories of timely fulfilling dreams;

I hear stifled tears in goodbyes to tired souls seeking peace;

I hear voices reaching out in fear, and comfort answers;

I hear voices charting the unimaginable, the inestimable, all the while knowing the journey’s end;

All this keeps kindling hope in my strength.





Lyn's quilt



                                                                                 Lynn and her quilt


If you would like to contribute to this page, please contact us at

Contributions do not have to be literary – we would like to display photos of paintings, sewing, pottery, gardening, or anything else that you may have done while managing this illness.