Workshop October 2019

Posted November 26, 2019, in

On the 26th of October 2019 saw the Advanced Breast Cancer Group hold the regular Workshop for Women, Partners, Families and Friends. The workshop was a great success, with members and families attending, although we did miss those women who weren’t able to be there this time.

This workshop ran slightly differently from previous events as there were no guest speakers. Instead, video clips of Dr Vikram Jain’s previous presentations in 2017 were played to the attendees. Dr Jain is a speaker with the capacity to make the complexities of the disease easier to understand, from Immunotherapy to the Use of Turmeric, and several in between.

The day also featured a discussion with Tom O’Brien, supported by Mary O’Brien and Pia Hirsch, about talking with family and friends.

After lunch film-maker Guy Mansfield and Kristy McRuvie led a creative session called “What Can I Say?”. Each member of the group was given the opportunity to read out questions relating to breast cancer and then provide their own response. The women’s answers to the question were filmed and will be put together as a short film for the ABCG website and Facebook.

Thanks to everyone for your participation in this.

And thank you to all those who attended and were involved in the organisation of such a great workshop.