Workshop April 28

Posted June 5, 2018, in

On the 28th of April 2018 saw Advanced Breast Cancer Group hold the regular Workshop for Women, Partners, Families and Friends. The workshop was a great success with many members and their family attending.

The day featured Dr Natasha Woodward, who is a Senior Medical Oncologist at the Mater Hospital. Dr Woodward provided a great opportunity for members to ask questions about the treatment of metastatic breast cancer or cancer in general.

ABCG Board Member Professor Jane Turner delivered a wonderful presentation on the role of psycho-oncology and living with metastatic breast cancer.

After lunch was a Creative session with Bernard Houston and Mircha Mangiacotti. Members of the group and staff were all required to bring an item that means a lot to them, or provides an insight into who they are. This was very well received by all and many great stories were told.

Thanks to everyone for your participation in this.

And thank you to all those who attended and were involved in the organisation of such a great workshop.

Morning Session

Afternoon / Creative Session