Workshop 2012

Posted May 23, 2012, in

Group Get Together and Workshop 2012

On Saturday 24 March we held our 4th Get Together and Workshop for the group. Six women, three partners, three adult children and three friends attended what was for all another very enjoyable day.

This workshop included a Q&A session with Dr Nicole McCarthy, Medical Oncologist, followed by a session reflecting on the impact of Advanced Breast Cancer on partners and families conducted by Tom O’Brien, and after lunch, a creative story telling session led by Bernard Houston which revealed hidden talents in the group and was great fun!

Women who usually join the group by telephone had the chance to meet each other face to face, enabling a greater sense of connection and stronger relationships within the group.

The benefits of the workshop were expressed in the following quotes:

“Putting a face to the voice on the other end of the line. The feeling of empathy and support from my fellow support group members. Pia and Mary made me feel empowered and proved to me that I am not alone.”

I’m sure we all left that day feeling uplifted and with the knowledge that this wonderful day was especially for us.  We are not alone and we know that many people do care.

“Asking questions of the Oncologist that I don’t have time to ask or (more to the point) that we think they don’t have time to answer.”

Nicole answered all our questions on the topic of chemotherapy in a way we could understand and never once shied away from a difficult question.  I found this a very worthwhile session as I’m sure everyone else did.

“Having fun and getting to know people.”

“The enjoyment and laughter it produced in all of us.”