What Happens in The Group?

We speak the same language, we understand one another 

It is a space in which women are free to talk and discuss anything they like. Generally they discuss how they are, family matters, children, treatment, side effects, sexual matters, financial matters, relationship matters, joys, fun, social activities, sadness, grief and how to deal or cope with things. There is a lot of humour and laughter – sometimes black humour! Women help one another navigate the system of care, treatment and support.

“We draw strength and inspiration from each other and support each other in good times and in bad.”
Nothing is taboo.
“This is the one place where we can be honest and up-front, if we wish.”


Women are encouraged to have contact with each other.  Those who attend in person often meet afterwards for coffee, and organise social get-togethers, which women from rural and regional areas attend when possible.  This ongoing support occurs as a natural extension to the group, and enhances it.