Making Memories in The Group

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Over the years in the group, women have come up with many inventive ways of making and keeping memories for family and friends. They have been inspired by one another’s ideas to develop something they have each been pleased by.

Women have……

  • Collected a box of champagne corks, each carefully labelled with a description of the family event that had been celebrated.
  • Knitted a series of scarves, to keep the recipients wrapped and warm.
  • Knitted for as yet unborn, and even as yet un-thought of grandchildren.
  • Decorated small note books, with details of the birthdays of all family members.
  • Made a quilt.
  • Written a thank you letter to family members, to be read out at her funeral.
  • Made a DVD – the woman who did this asked a friend to help with filming, and spoke to camera, addressing her husband and children while doing some of the things she loved to do.

Families have helped make memories too, by creating photo albums of travels together, raising funds in memory of, or running or walking the various runs and walks for breast cancer.

If you have any ideas for memory making, feel free to let us know. Our email address is

[email protected]