Products and Services

These are some products and services┬áthat one woman in our group has found to be very helpful…


I have been using all natural products from HANDMADE NATURALS on Gladstone Rd at Highgate Hill. They make their own products on site and I have have 3 products extremely helpful to me whilst going through radiation and chemotherapy.

During radiation I used Aloe Vera Gel made from a blend of purified water, organic aloe barbadenis (leaf juice), methylcellulose (non-toxic thickener derived from plant cellulose), grapefruit seed extract. Store in fridge and use as often as you like on any area’s treated. I used often and always after a shower.

Another product that I used liberally during radiation treatment was the Natural Base Cream (a blend of cold pressed vegetable oils). Since starting chemo my skin has become very dry all over but especially on my face (cheeks really red and sore). I have been using this base cream on my face ALOT and it feels fabulous and has definitely settled things down.

I have also purchased from Handmade Naturals the most moisturising lip balm that DOES NOT WEAR OFF (my lips have been suffering also). It’s called Cacao Power. I have found this link to the actual product There is a coconut one too but I have not tried that one. The chocolate (cacao) was recommended to me by the staff at Handmade Naturals and they were spot on!

I have also been using Rose Hand Cream. I don’t believe that this is heavy duty enough for badly cracked hands/feet but it has helped my mild cracked fingers. I’m sure that if you spoke to the ladies at the shop that they may have something more heavy duty.


A service that I can highly recommend is an Oncology Massage at Iridium Health from Kaori.
“Oncology massage is light touch massage shown to improve the quality of life for people with a history or diagnosis of cancer. This massage reduces the side effects of conventional cancer treatments including pain, fatigue, anxiety, nausea and depression.”

Kaori is trained and has recognised accreditation in oncology massage and she is very good. The practice has HICAPS and if you have private health insurance you can claim at the time of your visit.

Due to medication I have been suffering with constipation and Kaori has worked on my tummy. After only 2 treatments there has been a significant improvement.
Another really positive experience for me was Restorative Yoga with Marian Cavanagh. Now I’ve heard that restorative yoga isn’t uncommon but I had never experienced it before (I am “kinda” well practiced in other areas of yoga). Marian came highly recommended to me and I was not sorry that I attended her class. It’s about 2 hours of silence and bliss. I was extremely well supported with props, pillows, eye masks, scarves…… in approx 4 poses. You hold each pose for approx 20 minutes and your muscles release in this time, allowing you to feel weightless. Marian is very attentive to your needs. There were only 10 ladies in the class and I left feeling fabulous.