26 February 1969 – 22 April 2007


In 2004 I was working full time as Customer Service Manager for a direct selling company and in October went to see a muscular-skeletal specialist as I had a nagging groin injury for some 6 months which was getting worse. He sent me for an MRI. I told work I would be back later that Friday afternoon after I got the results. Well, I got the results and it was a secondary cancer in the femur. From there, I never went back to work. An Orthopaedic Surgeon suggested I get crutches straight away and go and see him on the Monday. Tuesday I had a Bone and CT Scan, saw him again on the Wednesday and on the operating table at the Wesley on the Thursday. Phew!!! Whilst recuperating in hospital they found a lump in my left breast and my lymph gland on the left side and realised this was my primary. After I left hospital I had 10 radium treatments on my femur and (fingers crossed) it has stopped it from spreading. I have had chemotheraphy treatment. My lump in my breast has shrunk from 2.8cm to 1.8cm and at this point in time haven’t had to have any surgery but most probably will have to have a lumpectomy in the near future. My “hot spots” in my bones have been contained and not spreading – so that is fantastic news!!!!


I have come to terms with my illness, and value every single moment of my life. There are times when I do get down, but with the support from Choices and this support group, you pick yourself up. I have met the most amazing women through having my illness and that is the positive thing of having cancer. I live in my own home in Albany Creek. I grew up in Essendon in Melbourne and moved to Brisbane with my ex husband and children in 1995. I am now back on the Sole Parent pension (living in poverty!!!!) but have just decided to start selling jewellery through party plan for an extra income (and an interest) and I can work it around my treatment.


I am a single Mum with two teenage children. Clint is 16yrs and now lives with his father and Rachel who is nearly 13yrs (who still lives with me). I have been happily divorced since 1997 and have no partner at the moment. My Dad died when I was 8 yrs old and Mum brought me and my older brother up on her own. Mum died of vulva cancer 3 years ago. So I only have my brother left who lives in Melbourne and we have regular contact. My children have accepted my illness and I am quite open to them. My daughter thought I looked pretty groove when I lost my hair!!! We all have a good laugh about it.

Well, that is my story and I value sharing this information with the other fabulous women in this group.