15 September 1960 – 24 October 2006


April 1999 I discovered a large lump in my left breast which prompted me to see my GP, and the next week was a whirlwind. A fine needle aspiration confirmed my worst fears and breast cancer was diagnosed. I have two small children; Kate was 2 and Emma 11 months old.

The day after Emma’s first birthday, I had a mastectomy at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital and spent the next 5 days wondering about my faith. My surgeon brought me good news – good clearance around the tumour, no presence in my nodes – prognosis good. A round of CMF chemotherapy was recommended by my oncologist, 6 months an dit would all be over. My hair thinned, I felt quite sick towards the end of my treatment, and was glad the 6 months was over. About a year later I had a breast reconstruction and was thrilled with the results.


Life was great and my health good. My husband and the girls (Kate now 7 and Emma 5), and I went travelling around Australia on our once in a life time trip. 6 months into our trip I started to experience some shoulder pain, and with my perseverence it was discovered that I had metastatic breast cancer. A large tumour in my liver and a spot on my rib.