About This Site

“When through one woman a little more love and truth come into the world then that woman’s life has had meaning.”

Women with advanced (metastatic) breast cancer have special needs and challenges to face. Each year in Australia approximately 11,600 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and about 2,600 women die of breast cancer. An unknown number of women are diagnosed with or develop advanced breast cancer each year. Diagnosis of advanced breast cancer generally comes as a shock and compels women to further review their priorities in life.

This site is intended as a resource and a support for:

  • women with advanced breast cancer, and their partners and families already involved in the Groups offered by this service
  • women and families who would like to know more about these services
  • women and families who would like to benefit from sharing their experience of living with advanced breast cancer, and learning how others approach this challenge
  • friends of families affected by advanced breast cancer.

Just as the service has evolved to better meet the needs of women and families involved in it, this site will evolve too, as new services are developed. If you would like to make a suggestion about how the site/service could be improved, contact us at [email protected]

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Thank You

There are many people to acknowledge and thank for their contributions to and help with this web site. First and foremost, thanks to all the women in the Advanced Breast Cancer Group, and their families.group shot 2 By allowing their stories to be told, and their experiences to be shared, they have put a real face to this site. They vividly and courageously demonstrate that despite this disease, it is possible to have a life that is meaningful and satisfying, and that can be shared with others. Next, thanks to the many people who have looked at the site during development, and given feedback and ideas.

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