Anna Bligh’s Speech

Posted April 4, 2014, in

Paraphrase of the speech given by The Honourable Anna Bligh

(There is no transcript of this speech, as it was done without notes.)

Anna Bligh said she was pleased to hear about the new website and was very happy to support its launch. She was also pleased so see so many of her Parliamentary colleagues in attendance from both sides of politics, as she felt that the service warranted bi-partisan support.

She congratulated Veronica and Kay for their courage in sharing their personal stories. She also acknowledged and thanked women in the group, and their families, who contributed to the development of the site by sharing their personal stories, experiences and ideas.

She acknowledged the Group as providing a valuable and professional service to many women and their families across the State, and that the new website would increase the reach and availability of these services.

She acknowledged the Group’s request for additional funding from Queensland Health and for improvements to the data recording of secondary breast cancer.

She then declared the website launched.